The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) recently released its new study on Artificial Intelligence (AI) covering market trends, public policy and the future of AI.

Before delving into WIPO’s AI report, it is important to note that while artificial intelligence will have a profound impact on the lives of citizens and communities around the globe, the experts who contributed to this report did not reflect that same diversity. For example, out of the 27 experts for the WIPO AI study, there were only 4 women (15%) and no women of color. The report also failed to include any Black or Latinx experts. As leaders in academia, government, industry and at think tanks continue to discuss the future of AI and its implications, it’s critical that future studies and global forums are diverse and inclusive — from the perspective of experts participating in such efforts to the issues discussed and debated.

Here are highlights from WIPO’s recent report:

Geography of global patent filings in AI. China and the U.S. are the leading countries for patent filings in AI — followed by Japan, the Republic of Korea and Germany. Patent filings in France and the UK have also increased over the years.

Market trends related to AI for acquisitions and funding. Since 1998, 434 companies in AI have been acquired, including 283 U.S. companies. The majority of Big Tech companies leading in AI innovation have acquired startups specializing in image recognition, virtual assistants and recommendation systems used for advertising, retail and entertainment.

Key policy and regulatory issues impacting AI. Many have raised concerns about the privacy and ethical implications of AI, particularly around algorithmic biases — from access to health insurance to employment and criminal justice. As the field of AI continues to emerge, WIPO’s AI study notes that “policymakers will have to move quickly to keep up with AI-related developments and shape the direction of AI’s revolution.”

WIPO’s AI report marks the first publication for the organization’s “Technology Trends” series. Additional information on the “WIPO Technology Trends” series and the full AI report can be found here.

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