The U.S. Commerce Department, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently released its draft Privacy Framework to help organizations protect individual privacy.

Why does the Privacy Framework matter to companies working at the intersection of fashion, technology and retail? The NIST Privacy Framework is intended to serve as a tool for organizations to better manage privacy risk arising from the collection, storage and use of individuals’ personal information. As designers and retailers look for innovative ways to stay connected and responsive to customers, data has tremendous value for both brands and consumers — with the appropriate safeguards in place.

The Privacy Framework is composed of three parts: the Core, Profiles and Implementation Tiers. The Core serves as the set of privacy activities and outcomes that are communicated across an organization. A profile represents the organization’s current privacy practices and Implementation Tiers helps a company assess whether it has sufficient processes in place to manage privacy risk.

In January, FIA submitted recommendations on developing a Privacy Framework to NIST— highlighting the importance of weaving ethics into privacy practices and addressing the human element and privacy risks across the supply chain.

Comments on the privacy draft are due to NIST by October 24. Read more here.

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