Fashionista/ Sara Radin/ December 11, 2019

As the end of 2019 nears, it feels only natural to think about the past twelve months in terms of fashion trends. So let’s recap:¬†biker shorts a la Princess Diana returned,¬†tie dye went couture,¬†scrunchies¬†got supersized¬†(hello,¬†TikTok girls!) and of course, there was the¬†tiny purse trend, which Lizzo rocked recently on the¬†AMA’s red carpet.

But among all things trendy and viral, there was also a growing crescendo of voices addressing the rising issue (and gripping realities) of¬†climate change. In reaction to this, people looked for answers and joy in all kinds of places. Enter fashion brands trying to cater to the ever-changing appetite of today’s shoppers.

Some brands announced they were going on a carbon neutral diet while others unveiled lackluster campaigns to become (sort of) zero waste.

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