By FIA Founder Kenya Wiley

The #MeToo movement has raised awareness around blatant forms of sexual assault and harassment. But as Katie Couric and Kara Swisher discussed in an episode of Recode Decode, it’s the “subtle sexism that’s marginalizing and dismissive and undervalues people’s accomplishments and intelligence and ability to contribute.”

Subtle workplace mistreatment is not just limited to biases around gender, but also race, culture, background and sexual orientation.

Startups and innovation teams within enterprise organizations are vital to the success of America’s economic future. But as we’ve recently witnessed in Silicon Valley, revolutionary tech without respect is detrimental to society. In fact, a workplace culture entrenched with sexism, racism and unconscious biases will stifle innovation.

As a startup founder who has worked with innovation departments and fashion and tech entrepreneurs, I understand the importance of forming your best team as early as possible. That entails finding people who you can trust — with the right mix of talent and skill. It also means bringing on people who appreciate your vision and who will not negatively impact your startup’s burn rate. In the case of tech startups and their investors, the men dominating the field often build teams with people who look like them — setting the stage for a workplace culture with little, if any diversity and inclusion.

Here are steps that innovative organizations can take early on to increase diversity and inclusion, free from abuse, mistreatment and harassment.

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