The #MeToo movement kicked off in October 2017 in response to sexual harassment and assault in the entertainment industry—quickly spreading to fashion, media and other sectors. This week alone, we’ve seen how the #MeToo movement has impacted Washington’s political lobbying culture. And given the increased focus on activism and inclusion, fashion brands and retailers must now rethink how they address the latest social causes and legal issues affecting their employees, customers and overall operations.

In a recent article for The Cut, fashion writer Amy Odell noted how fashion assistants empowered by the #MeToo movement are now sharing their stories.

Odell discussed the potential legal implications arising from assault or verbal abuse with Professor Susan Scafidi of the Fashion Law Institute.

“In the case of an actual assault, there might be some kind of criminal action,” said Professor Scafidi.

Odell also highlighted the work of the Humans of Fashion Foundation—a new platform to address and prevent sexual harassment, abuse and misconduct in the fashion industry.

We invite you to read Odell’s full article on the #MeToo movement and the fashion industry, available here.

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