You’ve just designed the hottest connected accessory/apparel of the season, but will your latest design integrating sensors, circuits and batteries make it through airport security? As we kick off the holiday season, now is an excellent time to consider the safety and security of your smart products before your customers attempt to get through airport security.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has testing facilities to examine emerging technologies in fashion so that your customers can travel with ease through airport security checkpoints. The Department’s Transportation Security Laboratory (TSL)—with a staff of 100+ employees, including chemists and engineers—has partnerships to help industry better understand detection problems. TSL’s 12-acre campus can also serve as an important resource for fashion brands and startups looking to develop and test new fashion tech products.

The TSA Systems Integration Facility (TSIF)—launched in 2009—also allows TSA to examine new technologies in a realistic airport environment, with body scanners (for those wearing connected clothing) and other tools used at checkpoints.

A lapse in safety and security—especially during the holiday season—could turn the brand with the most positive press today into a PR and legal nightmare tomorrow. For additional information on making your latest fashion tech products “transportation secure,” please email FIA at

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