MIT hosted its annual Hacking Arts Conference on November 11 at the MIT Media Lab, featuring technologists, designers, and academics at the intersection of fashion and technology.

Fashion Innovation Alliance founder Kenya Wiley presented on the “Fashion(able) Bodies” panel, along with Parsons Professor Otto von Busch, Carly-Ann Fergus of XRC Labs, and startup founders Jessica Floeh and Jay Adams. The panelists discussed how technology is allowing for greater participation and engagement in fashion — from innovative products and platforms to AI-enabled virtual stylists. Kenya discussed how fashion tech startups are using technology to disrupt and democratize fashion, noting Nineteenth Amendment’s retailing and manufacturing platform, the Obsess AR/VR platform, and LOOMIA’s smart products secured through blockchain technology. The panelists also shared their perspectives on inclusion for fashion tech and steps necessary to push diversity forward. Kenya noted that when building an inclusive and diverse organization, it’s important to focus on inclusion for positions of power, including board members, attorneys, and investors.

The Hacking Arts Conference also included panels on hyper-engagement in music, arts and artificial intelligence, and storytelling and emerging technologies. For additional information on Hacking Arts at MIT, please visit

Photo Credit: Monicat Data

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