This year, Labor Day not only marks the unofficial end of summer but more importantly, the countdown to the November midterm elections. The issues at stake for the 2018 U.S. midterm elections matter to each state’s and district’s constituents, but also to the global community of leaders working in fashion, technology and retail.

Since the Fashion Innovation Alliance’s (FIA) launch in 2016, FIA has provided a platform to discuss key public policy and business issues affecting fashion, technology and retail. Under the leadership of FIA’s founder Kenya Wiley, FIA has secured notable partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, orchestrated advocacy and educational events with Members of Congress and Administration officials, and submitted numerous regulatory filings to U.S. federal agencies on privacy, data security, IoT and immigration. We invite you to join us and follow our midterm posts as we discuss the policy issues at stake for America’s and fashion’s future.

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