Jing Daily/ Fiona Gao/ July 15, 2019

In recent years, the solution for luxury brands combating fake products on Chinese e-marketplaces has been something of a one-horse race – and that horse is Alibaba. With the evolution of different e-commerce models, however, the market for counterfeits is changing in a way that many in the West can’t even accurately gauge. A European browser search of the phrase “counterfeits on Alibaba” returns over 600 results, for instance, while “counterfeits on Pinduoduo” offers less than 200 — hardly an accurate reflection of the problems inherent to both platforms.

Although Alibaba and JD continue to dominate China’s e-commerce landscape, it may surprise many to know that third place (second in some accounts) has been taken by the social commerce platform Pinduoduo. For those paying closer attention to Chinese markets, they will know that over the past three years, the Tencent-backed shopping app for discounted goods has seen incredible growth, but it also had a checkered history with counterfeit listings.

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