We’re honored to celebrate Black History Month with Muchaneta Kapfunde, founder and editor of FashNerd.com, a digital magazine covering the merger of fashion and technology.

Muchaneta is a leading voice in fashion technology, growing FashNerd from a community interested in fashion tech to a digital news site with a global following.

“I believe that fashion is not a frivolous pastime and technology is not only for geeks, so in the beginning, I was inspired to educate and aspire to inspire those who had a debunker attitude when it came to fashion tech’s staying power,” stated Muchaneta during FashNerd’s five-year anniversary in January.

As we enter the next decade, Muchaneta and FashNerd co-founder Mano ten Napel will be providing more in-depth content while also helping to bring the education of fashion tech to the forefront.

Muchaneta has also worked as a fashion tech consultant for various fashion brands, and she has presented on stage at Premiere Vision, FashionTech Berlin and Munich Fabric Start. We invite you to learn more about Muchaneta and experience FashNerd here.

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